Monday, May 7, 2012

Yeah, We're Bikers

Or I guess I should say cyclists, so not to mislead. We had a great weekend, I hope you did too. We kicked off Friday evening with some fun and relaxation at our neighborhood park. You may have seen that post...
Saturday we got up and decided to go out for breakfast at one of our favorite spots, Ernie's Diner downtown. It was a beautiful morning, so we sat outside. Ryleigh LOVES that she is big enough to sit in the highchair when we go out now. She always wants to be up and see what's going on around her.

she really does love it, even if she looks oh so serious in this pic

keeping an eye on our fellow diners
After breakfast we went to the farmer's market and Klunk's bicycle shop. {I didn't take any pics though} We stopped at Klunk's because Ron has been in the market for a used bike that he can ride on the trail near our house. He has an awesome road bike (Camille) but her tires aren't made for trail riding. And his other bike (Pierre)...well, maybe some day I will share the story of how Pierre came into our lives. But no one else really seems to fully appreciate the true National Lampoon-like nature of this bike's existence in our household. But, I digress... we saw a couple decent bikes at Klunk's but Ron was still convinced he could find something cheaper on Craigslist. So we went home, and what do you know, after weeks of looking there was a nice Trek Giant mountain bike for $110. The perfect bike. Just what he had been waiting for. He went and tried it out, bought the bike and brought it home. He decided to take it to Klunk's to get it checked out and see if they could install a rack for little bug's bike seat on the back. Thirty minutes later he was home with the news that his bargain bike could use a $50 tune-up and the worse news that a rack could not be installed. ...He promptly relisted it for sale on Craigslist for $120.

However, Klunk's was able to install the rack on my hybrid bike and we got the seat all hooked up ready for a ride.

safety first! we got the little one an awesome princess bike helmet.
ever hear the story about the first time i rode my Trek road bike? ...maybe some other time.

OMG! seriously, how freaking cute is this kid?!?
she's ready to ride!
We had a great time. Ryleigh liked the ride. We probably waited a little too late in the evening and rode a little too long. She started falling asleep in the seat before we got back home. And when we stopped to look at an owl up in a tree she woke up and was not happy about still being on the bike.
Sunday Ron finished up his big garage reorganization and sold his "new" bike. He's thinking about becoming a bike dealer as a hobby. You know, just for fun, no profit, just because he loves to buy ans sell used bikes. Ha ha!

Happy Monday!

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