Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!

Starting this post, I would like to note that my willful toddler is becoming increasingly difficult to photograph. she either will not sit still, or will not look at the camera without trying to grab it. So, with that disclaimer in mind, here are the photos of our little Christmas.

daddy is on duty
This photo was texted to me early in the day while I was at work. Yes, her shirt IS too small. And yes, her hat is on backwards. But she's pretty darn cute!

what? is there something on my face?
These were just kind of cute and silly. She had her first Oreo for dessert on Christmas eve.

christmas morning!

pure cuteness
Once she started playing with the dollhouse we had a hard time getting her interested in opening any of her other presents.

guess what? it's new jammies!
another winner (even though her face doesn't show it)
The piggy bank from Grandma Kim was also a big hit. It turns out this is a popular toddler gift with the grandma set...I hear Mimi bought the same thing!

ahhhhh. a little relaxation during nap time.

new christmas jams!
This was the best I could do with a jammie photo. She would NOT hold still. And when I turned the phone around she could see herself and kept saying "Yie Yie" - translation: Ry Ry as best we can figure. She always says it when she sees pics of herself. She "picked out" these jammies one day at the store. So of course I had to get them. They're Hello Kitty if you can't tell.

I hope everyone else had a great Christmas!

The Perfect Gift

The recipe for a perfect Christmas gift:
Find the cutest kid in America.
Add a Santa hat.
Take multiple photos.
Cut out said photos and glue them to pretty much any object (a CD works great).
Add some stickers...


Ryleigh's daycare teachers made this for us and sent it home last week. I have to say I just LUV it! I love it so much I had to photograph it and post it on the blog. I mean how could I not? Just look at that face.  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Cheer

Well, shoot, I'm being a bad blogger again. I haven't posted in a while, but I have a pretty decent excuse. I started a new job about two and a half weeks ago, holiday parties to attend, a baby shower to host and Christmas shopping to do. Whew! Lots going on. Here are a few photos of our holiday season thus far, all courtesy of my iPhone of course.

christmas jammies + grumpy baby

We made a trip to the magic tree. Which is really just a regular tree covered in more LED Christmas lights than you have ever seen. It's pretty cool. And a popular photo spot as you can tell from all the people in the background. A Columbia holiday tradition, if you will. ;-)

and she fell asleep on the way home

We made our second annual trip to Bass Pro to see Santa.

looking a little apprehensive with Frosty and Rudolph lurking around

just testing out my camera on my new iPhone 5.  YAY!
uh oh

yep, we got the classic, "I hate Santa" photo
and I am totally a mean mommy because I think it is so funny.
had to get a pic on the wildcat bench
ok so maybe it's a bobcat, but close enough right?
And somewhere in there we got our Christmas tree. It was up with only lights for a week before I got the ornaments on. And I didn't even come close to getting them all on. But somebody in my house hates Christmas and is no help what so ever. Not pointing any fingers....

one of my favorite ornaments
Looking forward to Christmas with our little bug. I can't believe it's almost here!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Leaps and Bounds

Our little Ryleigh girl is growing and changing every day. At her 15 month check up last week she weighed 27.5 pounds and is 31 inches long. She also seems to be learning something new every day. We made a list the other day and she is saying more than 20 words (some are up to parental interpretation, but she is consistently saying a lot of words) and she understands WAY more than that. She has these great picture books and when you ask her, "where's the doggie?" she points right to it.

favorite books
She's always liked it when daddy gets out his guitar to play, but now she is taking more of an interest in "playing" it herself. Even if playing means beating it like a drum.

She is a little smarty pants and pretty cute too, daddy and I couldn't be any prouder.