Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Catching Up

LAST weekend we spent some time outside working in the yard. I realized I never got around to posting about it. I received a wonderful gift for Administrative Professionals Day... a gift card to Westlake's Hardware! WTF, a gift card to a hardware store, you ask? So did my husband. What he didn't know is that Westlake's has an excellent selection of flowers and outdoor plants. I had been talking with Carin about planting something in the two big pots on either side of our garage. And she remembered, what a thoughtful gift! We went on Friday evening to pick out what we wanted, that way we'd be ready to go Saturday morning.

my selections

i came across a (not so) little friend in one pot. ick!

some zinnias for around the mailbox
We also did a little landscape improvement here, but I keep forgetting to take an "after" pic when it's still light out. Just imagine new mulch, no more weeds and no more bricks. ;-)


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