Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Road Trip

Last week we decided to take a long weekend and make the trip back to Indiana to catch up with family and friends. There were a lot of people looking forward to meeting Ryleigh for the first time.

We loaded up the car for an early Wednesday morning departure. First stop, Cardinal Glennon for Ryleigh's clinic appointment. Of course, we left later than we intended and arrived right when she was supposed to have her CT scan...late. Luckily they are really understanding when it comes to getting your kiddo to the hospital. Lunch, then the clinic appointment. Everything looks great. Ryleigh's bladder and kidneys look normal and she has never had a UTI, so she's doing great there. Neuro was pleased with her; PT and ortho were really happy and excited with how awesome she's doing. She was however diagnosed with incurable cuteness. :-)

After clinic we hit the road again headed to Indiana.
bye bye st louis!
After a stop in our favorite city, Effingham, IL, we made a navigational error and ended up heading out of our way a bit. Not a huge deal until we ended up stopped in traffic for two hours. Ugh! Ryleigh had to get out of her car seat and even out of the car for a bit. She was such a trooper all day! We finally got going and made it to Lafayette late Wednesday night and checked into the hotel.
stopped in traffic sitting on daddy's lap
Thursday we headed downtown to walk around and eat some lunch while we waited for grandma to get off work. Then dinner at the Brewing Company with Cousin Madi and Aunt Christy.
enjoying a sidewalk lunch at bistro 501
we saw some really cool alley way artwork (those are real instruments)
madi loved her baby cousin
madi found some fun games for ry on her ipod
so sweet!
Friday was another day out and about. We met Grandma downtown and went walking. Then ended up meeting up with some friends for lunch. In the afternoon we headed to Columbian Park Zoo. We had a great time! They have a cool wallaby exhibit and we saw a baby peeking out of his momma's pouch. They also have a nice otter habitait. Ryleigh got so excited when we got close to the goats in the petting zoo, but didn't get any pics of that.
checking out the underwater view in the otter exhibit
cute baby ready for the zoo!
Saturday was Madi's last soccer game. More time visiting over at Aunt Christy's house. And a trip to Pizza King for dinner with the fam, including five rambunctious cousins. Then we headed out to see friends and Ben and Heather's new house. The night ended way too late with a long game of Catan. Good times indeed.
Sunday was our day to head back home to MO. We made a quick stop at Aunt Christy's to say goodbye. We had a great trip! We got in some good visits with great people. Can't wait to see everyone again. Ryleigh was AMAZING! She was so good and to top it off we discovered when we stopped for lunch that her first tooth was poking through. Seriously, we are so lucky, we have such a wonderful, happy child!
madi's real-life baby doll
pillow throne
sleepy baby
Thanks for a fun visit everyone! Can't wait to see you again!
Someone seriously needs to invent some sort of teleportation device.

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