Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weekend in Hoptown

We spent this past weekend in Hopkinsville for Ron's high school reunion. His 20-year high school reunion!

Thankfully the trip wasn't all about the nostalgia of 1993... not that we wouldn't want to reminisce about this:

The Lexington Rowes came down for the weekend too. So Mimi and Pop had a house full and Ryleigh had a chance to play with her cousins.

big hotel bed + big bed head = cuteness
Cousin love!
My favorite pic from the weekend...too bad Kacy's missing. 
Swinging in the blue swing with Mimi.
Friday night Ron went out for some reunion festivities while the rest of us headed out to Tangy Root for some frozen yogurt. We usually just give Ryleigh bites of our ice cream, she was a big fan of having her own spoon.
"Let me take a picture of your chocolate face for daddy."
Ask and you shall receive. Ha ha!
There was also storytime with Pop.

Looks like Pop needs a bigger chair!
Saturday we hit up the reunion picnic. There wasn't a huge turnout, but we had a good time. Ryleigh was the youngest kid of the class of '93. Only by about two weeks, the little guy sitting next to her is celebrating his birthday this coming weekend. She should probably win the award for the cutest kid too. :-)

The babies of Hoptown High School Class of '93
Ryleigh was also very brave climbing on the playground and sliding down the slides... A little too brave for mommy and daddy at times. Yes, we were totally the crazy parents on the playground hovering around our kid ready to catch her if she did a header off the slide.
Not the closest picture. See the ladder thingy to the right? She was determined to climb up that too.

You know, sometimes PB&J just makes you want to dance...

Sunday morning it was time to get up, say our good-byes and get on the road. Of course the drive took longer than we would have liked. About 45 miles before we got to Columbia, Ryleigh was over it. All done. We had to stop and get out for a while to give her a break. But she was (as always) a trooper on the trip. Sleeping in a hotel room with a toddler is not easy. I think we are all trying to catch up on our sleep this week.