Friday, July 13, 2012

Ruh-roh Raggy...

Call the gang we've got a mystery on our hands! Yesterday evening I was out in the sun room and I noticed a pile of fresh dirt near the gate.


Upon closer inspection it appears that someone tunneled under our fence. With my CSI-like investigative skills I determined, based on the direction of the removed soil, that the perp (or "un-sub" if you're more into Criminal Minds) was tunneling from inside our yard.  But who was it? The neighbor cats can easily come and go over the fence. The moles would just go underground. I saw a dog digging after a mole in the neighbor's yard the other day, but it was much too large to escape thru this hole. And how would it have gotten inside the fence needing to dig out? Such an intriguing mystery!
Somebody made an escape!
After much deliberation and a thorough(ish) investigaesh, I am going with ground hog. When we saw a fatty little guy in the yard last week he was coming down the hill. I think he probably came from the woods somewhere at the top of our hill. Ron chased him back up the hill, probably back where he came in. But this time he made it all the way down the hill and needed an escape route to get out to the front. The hole is bigger than it looks in this photo, but definitely big enough for a fat ground hog. 

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