Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day!

We spent our Fourth of July doing a lot of relaxing. I gave Ryleigh some festive pigtails for the day, which, of course, warranted a round of photos.

pigtails {note: serious look due to teething}
the clapping is just too cute
my favorite
can't you just hear her saying, "mommy can i please have your car keys?"
tasty duck

"yes, daddy?"
"ok, now gaze thoughtfully out the window."
love! - actually, maybe this one is my fave
After Ryleigh's afternoon nap we headed over to the Vanderveen pool with our friends the Pourneys. Everyone must have gotten their early, because it really started to clear out by the time we arrived around 3 o'clock. Ryleigh seemed to like the pool and relaxing in her new float. She spent a lot of time intently watching the other people in the pool, especially the kids. 

already a pool lounging pro

yay! and we clap in the pool

keeping an eye on all the other kids swimming. very serious business
serious or tired? i'm not sure
"hi dada!"
We decided to skip the fireworks this year. They are a little too late and a little too loud for our Ryleigh bug. She gets kind of startled by loud noises. Our neighbors had a few LOUD firecrackers to light and woke her up around 9:30, so that was nice. Luckily, she was easily soothed back to sleep after rocking with mommy for a bit. And she woke up in a great mood the next morning! 

We hope everyone else had a happy and relaxing 4th of July too!

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