Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Busy, Busy Ten Month-Old

Is she ever! The past week or so Ryleigh has really turned into a crazy baby. She is wanting to get around and get into whatever she can. She REALLY wants to get after the cats. All of this is a wee bit challenging for her with her legs. Because she doesn't move them as much and can't feel them as much she can sometimes get into awkward positions. She is doing very well and Gerti thinks that if we work with her a little more she will be crawling very soon.

We also got her a ZipZac. It is basically a little wheelchair for toddlers with mobility limitations, kind of a Bumbo on wheels. Designed and built by the engineer uncle of a little boy with spina bifida. This is actually our second ZipZac, the original model was too small for our chunky monkey, and we had to send it back. Model II is a much better fit and she will be able to use it for a lot longer.

She hasn't quite figured out how to use it. But she's moved her wheels a couple times on accident and it's only a matter of time before she gets the hang of it. And she is highly motivated. This child is going to wear me out! And that's okay.

On Saturday, we had a little mama-Ryleigh photo sesh, in the back yard. I just can't believe my little baby is almost one!!

love this pretty face

hmmm, this looks interesting

well, if i can't get it open, i'll just chew on it.

can i have that camera, mama?

teething makes her look oh so serious

two little teeth...soon to be joined by others, i'm sure of it

hello there

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