Sunday, August 14, 2011

I think I may be the worst blogger ever. But, things are getting pretty pregnant up in here and tiredness usually wins out over blogging. My apologies to my millions of readers.

We've finally started to get things together for baby girl. About time, since she'll be here in less than two weeks! Eeeekkkkk! I can't believe it!

We got the carpet cleaned in our house. After weeks and weeks of scouring Craigslist and a couple trips to used furniture stores looking for a dresser for baby's room we had some luck and found something. Living in a neighborhood full of college students sometimes has it's perks. The last few weeks have been the move in/move out time on our street. In the matter of one weekend we managed to snag a couple of dressers that were being left behind. For FREE! Who doesn't love freebies? And with a little TLC we knew they had some potential.

We found this one we thought would be perfect for baby's room:

It really is just kind of crappy laminate and isn't in the greatest shape. But the price was right. And with a little paint and some new drawer pulls, Ron was able to turn it into this:

Yay! It looks pretty great if we do say so ourselves. Who knew my hubby was so handy? Now we're going to put our changing pad on the top and we'll be ready to go. I started getting baby's clothes washed now that we have a place to put them. I'm getting excited to meet our little baby girl!

I'll get a new post up soon with other baby updates.


  1. Nice job, Ron!!! The dresser is beautiful!

  2. Looking good from here.
    Looking forward to coming out there soon too.