Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ten More Days...What?!?!

Here we are ten days away from meeting our little one. I can't really believe it. We have our delivery scheduled via cesarean section bright and early Friday morning, August 26.

A couple weeks ago we had a little run in with low amniotic fluid that landed me on bed rest for about 4 days. Boring times my friends. I did watch an entire season and a half of Weeds. And I just have to say, I don't really think I like ol Nancy Botwin. I have kept on watching. But when she makes bad decision after bad decision it just starts to get a little annoying. I think I am more a fan of characters who learn from their mistakes and grow. I don't know if I'm ready to give up entirely on the show.'ll see.

But I digress. Since the "fluid incident" We have been going in for weekly ultrasounds and non-stress tests for baby. We had one this morning. She kicked ass. Basically they check in to see that she's doing all the little baby things that a 37 week old fetus should be doing. Things like practicing breathing, punching and kicking her mama. And of course check that she has enough amniotic fluid in there. Then they hook us up to a couple monitors that track her heart rate, movements and any contractions for about 30 minutes while I kick back in a super comfy recliner. Based on measurements they say she weighs about 7lbs 2 oz right now. I don't put too much stock in those estimates though as they can be up to a pound off in either direction. But she should gain at least another half pound before her birthday.

I've decided Friday will be my last day of work before maternity leave. I really thought I would work right up until she came but man am I tired. I don't know how people do it. Maybe if I didn't have to be in at 8am... Anyway, I'm going to take next week to get some extra sleep, get last things ready for baby and spend some time with my hubby before we are no longer a family of two.

As mentioned in the previous post, we've started getting things together for baby's arrival. Today her crib arrived. Luckily we were still home because Mr. FedEx man just rang the doorbell and left it at the door and it was starting to rain. It was in a box, of course, but still. Daddy's gonna get busy putting it together soon, I just know it. I am getting ready to order the rest of the things I want from our baby registries. We'll be getting lots of packages in the next 10 days. I am having a difficult time focusing on one task at a time, I feel like there is so much to do...and I'm too tired to do much of it.

We've sort of become amateur furniture dealers. We started selling some things we wanted to get rid of on Craigslist. We got rid of my old computer desk, an Ikea chair and ottoman, a book shelf and a TV. Cleaning out the house and we've made a little bit of $$. Not too shabby.

Now for a few fun little pics from my iPhone over the past week or so...

Lucy in her natural state: chillin'

I have the inniest belly button in the world! No signs of this bad boy popping out. That scar is from getting my gallbladder out and is normally hidden inside. Eek! I kinda can't believe I'm posting this pic on the interwebs. My tummy looks all blotchy and a little gross. Oh well, we're all friends here right?

And the obligatory baby bump self-portrait. This was taken Saturday and I seriously think the belly is already bigger.

Good times friends. Check me out, declaring myself the worst blogger ever and then BAM! Two posts in a couple days. How'd ya like that?

Oh, one last thing: Happy Birthday 4th today to my sweet (and feisty) little niece Avry Gabriella!

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