Thursday, July 18, 2013

Clinic Day

We had a great visit at the Cardinal Glennon Myelo Clinic yesterday. We went for a six-month follow up with urology. Last time we were in clinic Dr. Elbabaa said he didn't need to see her again until after she turns two. So in a few months we will head back for a series of x-rays and a CT to check that Ryleigh's shunt is still working properly.

We told Ryleigh on Tuesday night that we were going to St Louis in the morning and she got really excited. I don't think she really has any frame of reference for what or where Saint "You-ees" is. But she was pretty pumped to go somewhere with mommy and daddy.

Our visit started off with a renal ultrasound where they check her kidneys and bladder. She was super good and cooperative during the "belly scan." Then we headed over to clinic. First we met with Lou, the urology nurse, and she introduced us to the new urologist, Dr. Duel. Everything looks good and they are happy with how Ryleigh is doing. Yay!

After that Pam, the PT popped in to chat. She is so great, we really just love her. Again, she is super happy with Ry's progress. And she gave us a few tips on where to go and what to concentrate on next.

As we were getting ready to head out the neurosurgeon, Dr. Elbabaa, stopped in to say hello and give Ryleigh a hug. It was great to see him and catch up a bit. We're looking forward to our next appointment with him when he can take a closer look at how our little shunt is functioning.

Everyone we saw yesterday just couldn't stop saying how big and how cute Ryleigh is. They just have such a great team there. We left clinic feeling so happy. We commented how blessed we are to have these wonderful people in our life. Looking back at the road we took to get here, it's just so funny how life works out sometimes. :-)

Ry was such a trooper. Especially considering that a 1 o'clock appointment was smack dab in the middle of her nap time. She was her happy personable self. And we were so happy that she wasn't too shy and actually even talked to Pam and Dr. Elbabaa. Pam stepped out of the room for a few minutes and when she returned Ry excitedly said, "there she is! There's Pam."

How do you keep a toddler happy while waiting in the doctor's office?
Answer: Pretzel Sticks. (And there may or may not have been some spinning around in the chair).

This is pretty much how it goes lately when I try to take a picture of the two of them. I get one pic where one is looking at the camera, and one where the other is. But none of both of them looking at the same time.

Here's another example, from Fourth of July:

Nearly the exact same poses. Daddy looks at the camera while Ryleigh looks away. Ryleigh looks at the camera while daddy looks down. Rinse and repeat. And mommy's always behind the camera, never in the picture... sigh. Ha ha!

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