Friday, July 26, 2013

Boone County Fair

Last night we headed out to the Boone County Fair. We thought Ryleigh would love to see all the animals up close and we'd heard that there were pony rides. Well, the pony ride part was true. Ha ha! 

Our little girly girl was super excited to see the theory. Once we were there and actually got up close to a cow, or pig, or goat she clung on for dear life. I do have to say it is a little intimidating standing next to a mooing cow, even if it is inside a pen. Inside the goat barn she kept pulling her feet up and saying, "no doggies lick my socks."

I kinda have to agree with her... with his long floppy ears, this guy does look kind of like a dog. But where she got the idea that they were going to lick her socks, I have no idea. 

We decided to give the pony ride a go. She was SO excited. ...again in theory. She loved hanging on the fence and watching the other kids go round and round on the ponies. When it was her turn there was a lot of clinging, and more than a few "no"s. Of course we were the mean parents torturing our toddler and laughing about it. But she made it through and even gave the "horsey" a couple pats and said, "thank you," after the ride.  

Oh, her little face looks so scared.

I look like a total goob in this picture, but I still had to post it.
I was laughing at my poor little daughter.
This also made me really sweaty. First of all, my child was clinging to me for dear life. Second of all, we were going around that circle pretty fast. I thought we'd have a minute to get her up on the horse and collect herself. Nope. I had no sooner gotten her in the saddle and we were off and...well, walking. But still. 

Of course when we retell the story, we will remember how brave Ryleigh was and how much fun she had riding the horsey. We are planning to sign up for therapeutic horseback riding this fall. So hopefully we can get her a little more acclimated to horses before then. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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