Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Day

Wouldn't you know it, I brought my camera to Indiana for Thanksgiving but I never even took it out of my bag. So the only photographic evidence we have of our weekend with family and friends is from my iPhone.

We arrived Wednesday evening, just in time for Ron to run upstairs, log on and teach his online class. Our arrival wasn't a minute too soon for Ryleigh's cousins who had been sitting in the front window waiting for more than an hour.

seven hour car ride + mickey mouse on tv = the dazed look in my daughter's eyes
cousins have a bean bag chair that i think ryleigh liked sitting in...not 100% sure though.
thanksgiving, the big kids went outside to play pilgrims. abi and madi were extra fancy pilgrims
Of course we had to make a visit to Pizza King.

love this photo
and this one.
does she adore her cousins or what?
fun times.

I didn't do any crazy Black Friday shopping, but I did go out to the mall with mom for a bit in the late afternoon. Madi's weekend shopping included getting a "present" for Zeke - a snowman costume. I don't think he was very impressed, but he's always a good sport.

he was not too happy about the hat.
nope. not too happy at all.
Our Saturday included breakfast with the Kubats (minus one), coffee/lunch with the Glafkes, more visiting with Aunt Christy, Madi and Grandma and a trip out to the Francis' house with the Zupos and Alexanders. Whew, what a busy day!

Sunday we were on the road again, heading back to Missouri. Our little bug was such a trooper all weekend. I'm sad that everyone kind of missed out on her cute, funny little personality - she was just a little out of her element most of the visit and stuck to that binky and blankie for comfort the whole time.

sleepy little girl
Like I said, I did a terrible job taking pictures this trip. I didn't get any of the boy cousins, Aunts Christy and Carly, Uncles Cassidy and Matt or Grandma Kim.... Tsk. I'm disappointed in myself.

We had a wonderful visit. As always it was too short.

I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!

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