Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mission Accomplished

The past few days little Ryleigh has been working hard on a new trick...getting up to sitting all by herself. I think it is safe to say she has now mastered the move. Please excuse my shaky cinematography, she moves pretty fast and I barely got the camera in time to catch her.

There will be no keeping her down lying on her back now.

And a little note about Ryleigh's quilt in this video. I may have mentioned it before (or I may not have, I can't remember). It was a gift from our wonderful friend (and amazing quilter), Natalie. We told her the color scheme of Ryleigh's room and she made the quilt to coordinate. It is awesome! You may have noticed that it is in A LOT of photos and videos. We lay it out all the time for her to play on. We absolutely love it and it will be a cherished gift for many years. Thank you so much Natalie!

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  1. Awww. Glad you like it! I love seeing it in the photos. I'm working on another baby quilt right now and I don't like the color scheme nearly as much as Ryleigh's.