Monday, June 25, 2012

Where Have You Been?

Well, let me tell you. We've been pretty much all over the midwest. Last month we went to Ryleigh's doctor appointment in St Louis and immediately headed to Indiana. Then the following weekend Ron and Vicky came for a visit. Then we had a weekend off. My, oh my how fast that went! Then we were back on the road. We went to a wedding in Kansas City. Then we loaded up and headed to Hopkinsville for Father's Day weekend and more importantly, for a surprise birthday party for a certain Pop who turned 60! I think he was pretty surprised. Whew!

So in all the hubub I haven't updated the blog and I definitely lost track of the June photo-a-day.

So how's about some pics from the ol' iPhone?

6/9: how momma spent time in the hotel room while daddy rode around carefree on the party bus with the rest of the wedding party. don't judge.

6/9: how ryleigh spent her time in the hotel room waiting for daddy and the party bus to return. eating cheerios, a fave pastime.

6/12:  lilies on mizzou campus. instagram style.

6/12: more lilies at mizzou

6/15: are we there yet?
sad eyes on the way to mimi & pop's house. so ready to get out of her car seat.

6/15: single rainbow all the way - almost to hopkinsville

6/15: another rainbow shot

6/16: a peaceful little spot by the pond

6/18: sunnies

6/20: modeling her new myrtle beach t-shirt from the lexington rowes. :-)

6/21: balloon that passed over on our evening walk

6/22: not the best pic, but i finally snapped one of those two little teethers

6/24: the tooth fairy isn't being so nice to ryleigh. but mommy will gladly help with lots of extra snuggles.

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