Monday, April 30, 2012

Standing Up

Ryleigh has physical therapy at home every Monday; mommy and daddy trade off every other week. Today was a pretty cool PT day.  Because she has little to no feeling and mobility below the knee, Ryleigh will always need some support to be able to bear weight on her legs. Gerti has been working on some removable leg casts to help support Ryleigh's legs so she can stand. Today we got to try them out for the first time!
Gerti brought her iPad so Ryleigh had something to play with while standing at the ottoman.
She acted like she just stands up all the biggie.
For now she needs a little push back on her booty to let her know to keep her back straight. She did really great. She wasn't scared at all, which Gerti said a lot of kiddos are. And she was brave enough to hold on with one hand (or no hands) a couple times. We're looking forward to trying it out a few more times. 

Yay! Go Ryleigh go!!