Friday, April 20, 2012

A Persistent Little Visitor

Wednesday when I came home from work there was a robin hanging around out in our backyard. Then he started coming over and landing on the screen to one of the sunroom windows. A little while later, he stared flying into the glass of one of the windows. Over and over again, until it got dark. Then, much to our surprise, the little guy showed back up the next morning and continued his relentless pursuit of bursting through the window. Jasper seemed to enjoy the show. And when he was sitting on the window ledge, the bird stayed safely atop the fence. As soon as the cat was gone, he started up again.
I snapped a couple pics:

Scoping things out, getting ready for take-off.
Um, I guess at least he's not flying into the window head first.

Jasper found a good vantage point just inside the house with a perfect view of the sunroom. You can see our little friend flying over from the fence in the top of this pic.
Then he must've had his fill or realized he was not making any progress and he was gone... for a few days. Then what do you know, when I went home for lunch today the little bugger was back! Flying into the window, with a big juicy worm hanging out of his mouth beak. WTH, little robin?!? It's not happenin, buddy. Maybe you should find a new hobby.

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