Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ten Things

Yesterday our sweet girl turned 22 months-old. I can't believe we're just two months away from her second birthday!

"Say cheese!"

I thought I'd share a list of 10 awesome, funny, cute things about our favorite little 22 month-old:

1. She says, "hug it out." At home, in the grocery store, when she's nice, when she's being naughty. The girl likes to hug.

2. When I laugh at something Ron says or does, she laughs too and says, "Daddy's funny."

3. She can identify some of the birds in our backyard - she knows cardinal, mommy cardinal, woodpecker and bluejay.

4. When she shows her muscles. Hilarious. It's usually prompted by pointing out daddy's "muscle milk." Which to me is almost equally as hilarious.

5. When she's stalling before bed and asks me to, "rock a minute," in the sweetest little voice.

6. The way she sings "Rock-a-Baaaaybeeeeee" and "Ring-a-Dosey, Pock-a-Dosey"

7. Her curls. And the cutest pigtails that have been our fave hairstyle lately.

8. The way she says basil - "bayseeel"

9. If she can keep from breaking down into hysterics when a fly comes around she'll say, "don't bodder me." or "don't bodder me, stinky fly."

10. She wants to 'go see' EVERYTHING."Go see daddy doing." "Go see mommy doing." "Go see out da winnow."

I'm one lucky mommy and I'm looking forward to seeing what this little cutie pie will do next.

With "misser" bear

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