Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Welcome to Toddlerhood

Having a toddler is fun and entertaining, frustrating and exhausting. Ryleigh is so amazing. I love watching her little mind work things out. And I swear she is learning new words everyday. There is a bus stop near daycare, earlier this week we were getting out of the car, she pointed to the group waiting for the bus and said, "people." Seriously? People? Where the heck did she learn that? Hilarious.

Even more amazing though are the cognitive connections she has been starting to make. For example, I have a pair of red gloves, they are kind of fuzzy and I guess you could say they look like Elmo's hands. But I didn't really expect my 16 month old (this was a more than a month ago) to point them out and say, "Elmo," totally out of context of the little red monster. She has hardly ever even seen Sesame Street for crying out loud! They do have a poster hanging in her classroom.

Ryleigh is becoming quite opinionated these days. "No" has become a favorite word. She is picky about what books we read. If you start reading one she doesn't want she'll push it away. Sandra Boynton books seem to be her favorites.

She has made the transition to the Red Room at daycare. It was a little bit rough at first. I know she misses her teacher and friends in the infant room. But after a couple weeks she is getting used to her new surroundings. She has been happy to wave bye-bye to mommy every morning. 

Sorry, this post is a little bit all over the place. But it wouldn't be complete without any pics of the cutest kid in America. 

getting the hang of using a spoon
And a few random photos for the sake of cuteness:

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  1. Linguistically, category words are a big deal! It's a lot easier to learn a bunch of people's individual names than it is to learn the category "people" (and the same for all kinds of other things -- they learn the colors well before they learn the concept "color" and farm animals and sounds before the concept "animal" -- it's a big cognitive jump!) :D