Monday, January 28, 2013

Exceeding Expectations

Back in November we worked with a Mizzou journalism graduate student, Hayley Bartels. She produced this multi-media project about Ryleigh and our family. While there are some things we may have done differently, she did a really great job. We just wish she would have shown a little more of how much Ryleigh is like other kids her age. But prepare to be impressed... we have one awesome kid.

Exceeding Expectations from hayley bartels on Vimeo.

We recently found out that a local weekly newspaper/magazine is going to pick up the story and publish some of the photos this week.

And here are some of the photos Hayley shared with us.

girl loves her blankie
meeting truman for the first time

Ryleigh & Gerti in matching shirts :-)

one day we'll get her some mouse ears of her very own

All I can say is that this kid is not lacking in the love department. We absolutely adore her. Period.


  1. Awesome kid and awesome parents!! Wiping tears from my eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So Wonderful!
    The video is Outstanding!
    And I just added a bunch of new pictures to Ryleigh folder.
    Grandpa Hugh