Thursday, September 6, 2012

Birthday Girl!

Oh my goodness, we have a one year old!
(Yes, I am more than a week late with this post!)

Isn't she the sweetest?
A few stats from her one year check-up:
- 25 pounds 9 ounces
- 29.25 inches

She has six teeth. She's getting oh so close to saying a few words. Actually, she does if you count mommy & daddy translation. (ba = ball). She points at everything. She is so inquisitive and curious. If you say, "Are you ready to...?" She says, "yeah!" No matter what, she's ready. It's hilarious.

Oh yeah, and we had a little birthday party. 
A little annoyed with the birthday party paparazzi, perhaps?
Trying out a little birthday cupcake.

my sweet girl
present time
Super cute owl hat from Ryleigh's new BFF Olivia (made by O's mommy, Carin)
She started to get the hang of the whole wrapping paper thing
The look on her face cracks me up. Loving her new blocks.
Another funny one, she's so excited about these new sippy cups

Mimi and Pop visited for the weekend. We didn't do a good job of getting any photos with them. Oops! Apparently Pop was concerned that Ryleigh had too many stuffed tigers and no wildcat. When he and Mimi went to Toys R Us, he was on a mission. I'd say he hit it out of the park:

That's a pretty little girl

Look at that face! Good work, Pop!
We had a great weekend with our birthday girl. Looking forward to many more fun birthdays.

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  1. So sweet! And Happy (belated) birthday to Ryleigh!