Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Milestone

One year ago, our sweet, tiny little 10 day-old daughter got a terrible haircut and headed into the operating room for the second time in her short life. This second surgery was quicker and "easier" than her first, but just as important. Placing her VP shunt.

Awesome haircut. At the time I didn't take a lot of photos of her 'do and the horseshoe  incision on her head.
Cuddles with daddy a day or two post-surgery
Even with the best surgeon, shunts have a fairly high incidence of failure or infection. We don't really like to talk about it, for fear of "jinxing" it. But one year, no problems, no infections and still going strong.

So, happy shuntiversary. And thank you little shunt for doing your job so well.

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