Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo Challenge

Ah, vast and beautiful expanse of the internets. I love finding fun new blogs, so I can stalk total strangers. I have recently discovered the wonderful blog Fat Mum Slim. Love it. I especially love her photo-a-day challenges. My mommies facebook group had started a similar challenge in January, but I lost steam. Actually, I got hung up on the photo prompt "childhood." Childhood to me means playgrounds and bicycles and swimming pools...not really things you can easily find in mid-January in mid-Missouri. I had photographer's block and I refused to just skip it and move on with the challenge.

But the warmer weather and sunshine has me inspired and I am committed to completing the March photo challenge:

If you happen to be one of my like three followers on Instagram, I apologize for doubling up on the social media. And you'll probably see the photos there and here on this awesome blog.

I've gotten a couple friends to join in the fun. Wanna play? If you're thinking about doing it, leave a comment with your instagram user name or blog or whatever. I can't wait to see everyone's different interpretations.

Happy Leap Day y'all!!

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