Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby Bright Eyes

Hello! Things have been a little busy in the Rowe house lately. We've been enjoying spending time with the little bug. We made a February 1st trip to myelo clinic in STL. Ryleigh had her third CT scan to check her shunt and ventricle size. Dr. Elbabaa is keeping an eye on her head circumference...our baby's got a big head. But keeping things in perspective, she's got a big EVERYTHING. She is in the 95th percentile all around. And is nearly grown out of her 9 month sized clothes! So he dialed her shunt valve down to drain more fluid and we will go back in three months to check her out again. They also diagnosed her a super cute and very bright and alert. ...we knew that. :-)

She is continuing with PT twice a week. Gerti comes to the house on Monday mornings and to daycare on Wednesdays. By all accounts she is doing really well with her leg movements and strength. We have been working on rolling over. She has rolled from back to belly a few times on her own, but often needs just a little nudge to get the rest of the way over. Her right leg is stronger than her left, and with the position of the left hip, rolling to the left is easier for her. Like I said, Gerti is impressed with how well she is doing and said she thinks Ryleigh is "just exceptionally bright." Yeah, I'm braggin'.

She was practicing those rolling skillz this morning:

We haven't started on rice cereal or any solids yet, but I think she's getting close to being ready. That will be fun! I already have a stash of some homemade purees in the freezer, compliments of my Baby Bullet.

So what else have mommy and daddy been up to? Working. Ron's obsession with Kentucky basketball grows stronger as we approach March. It's nearly all he talks about. I made it to a Mizzou game with my friend Christy. We walked from our house. It only took about 15 minutes and no parking hassles. Awesome! Last weekend the three of us went to ESPN's College Gameday at Mizozu Arena. That was fun. But, Ron was sure to point out that it was "weak" compared to the show at Rupp last year. I've been trying to work on some crafty projects in between hanging with the little one. I just got a new kindle...since the one my husband gave me when I was pregnant was confiscated (by that same husband). Looking forward to reading a lot more. I'm starting the Hunger Games series this weekend.

We did get some family photos taken about three weeks ago. I'll get some of those posted ASAP. Until then, here are a couple photos of the cuteness.

 Swinging around her pal Sophie

 Playing in her high chair

 Hand chewing: Ryleigh's favorite pastime

"Hello there"

And one more little video to melt your heart. Love those smiles and giggles. :-)

Have a great weekend all!!

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  1. Love the videos and LOVE seeing the quilt in use. I really wish I could see you guys in real life.