Friday, July 22, 2011

It's the final count down

Do do do doot doot. Yeah, you feel me.

Maybe not quite to the final countdown, but we will be meeting our little girl in exactly five weeks. Pretty crazy. Especially for me, considering that I have been pregnant for all of 2011. But I really can't complain. I feel really good. I told Ron this evening, "if all pregnancies were this easy, I think I could have 10 babies." Now I realize that is a HUGE exaggeration. Especially since I have not yet given birth, tried to get my body back to normal or had a tiny human fully dependent on me 24 hours a day. For the record, I have ZERO desire to raise 10 children. I'm just sayin' I feel pretty great, even with a heat index of 110.

This week I was able to borrow some maternity clothes from a friend who just had a baby. Total score! Now I should be able to make it through the next five weeks without having to buy anything else for myself. Although, I did see a cute top at Target last weekend... Oh, I got to hold little baby Reese. She was just 12 days old. I haven't held an infant that small in a few years. She's so cute! It made me both excited and scared about having my own wee baby.

Husband has pretty much been kicked out of the bed. Between me, the belly and all my pillows taking up most of the space, he's been crashing on the couch and occasionally the guest bed. Not to mention that his brain is crammed full of all the legal junk he can stuff in there, making it difficult for him to relax and fall asleep. He said this morning, "After I fixed up my bed last night..." Before he caught himself referring to the couch as "his bed." Methinks it is high time for a king size.

Not much new to report on the baby Rowe front. Had a quick little check up today. Her heartbeat sounds great and really strong. She's an active little booger. But she is definitely running out of room for her activities. I cannot figure out what part is pushing out where. But she is poking and pushing. Often there are some feet or maybe a little booty pushed up against my ribs on the right side. She's growing well and my belly size is measuring right on target. They think she'll be around 8 pounds, which doesn't surprise me. That notion did inspire me to do a little research (read: asking our moms) to find out the birth stats for mommy & daddy Rowe. I knew I was pretty big, and mom confirmed 8 lb 6 oz. Ron on the other hand, was just 5 lb 10 oz when he was born. We both had some hair when we were born too. You weren't getting a bunch of ultrasound pictures back in the 70's that's for sure. But we know from our many ultrasounds our little nubbin has a decent head of hair. And a first-class pout. I hope she has her daddy's long(er) eyelashes instead of my short, non-existent lashes. No matter what I know we are just going to think she is the cutest baby in the universe and love her to pieces.

Like I said, not much new baby news. I may just write another little post with some crafty projects I've been working on. Or maybe you'll just have to wait for another day. We'll see.

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