Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ryleigh Says: December 2013

To her daddy:
"Oh my goodness. You are wearing me out. Literally."
Actually, 'literally' has become one of her favorite words. We've been told that "I'm too hot, literally." is a common Ryleigh phrase at school. Probably is also a new favorite.

"Dogs don't wear hats, that's silly!"

"Mommy, what's in your pocket?"
"Nothing, Ryleigh."
"Is it a wocket?"
Somebody is a Dr. Suess fan. 

When she heard the coffee maker one morning:
"It's making coffee in my ear just a little bit."

Another funny note from school:
As in, "Don't go away, otherwise I will miss you."

Sometimes she gets a little philosophical: "What does the moon eat? Does the moon eat chocolate? Does it eat macaroni?" 

Ryleigh: "Where are we going?"
Me: "We're not going anywhere, honey."
Ry: "Why is daddy shaving?"

"It's Christmas eve on daddy's juice! Look there's a Christmas tree on there."

At our friends' New Years Eve party, they had a baby gate over the stairs to their basement:
"I want to go look down there. There might be a doggie down there." (I wish I could have captured her face when she said this. Haha!)
Me: "No. They don't have a doggie. So, I don't think there's a doggie down there."
Ryleigh: "But there MIGHT be."

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