Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ryleigh Says

Dinner conversation:
"Thank you mommy for my macaroni and for being a person."
"Thank you Ryleigh for being a good person and a great daughter."
"I'm not a person or a daughter either."
"You're not?"
"No. I'm Ryleigh Rowe."

"I hear sirens. With my ears."

"Are you not mad?"
"No, Ryleigh, I'm not mad."
"You're just frustrated?"
Gee, I wonder where she got that one...

"Daddy, thank you for my sandwich. You are a great man." I mean, he does make a pretty mean PB&J, but that's laying it on a little thick, don't you think? Ha ha!

This whole "great person" thing seems to be a common theme with her these days.
Exhibit A: her note from school:

"I'm doing my work on my computer." (Her LeapFrog laptop)
Me: "Oh, you are?"
"Yeah, I'm teaching my class. I'm talking to my students."
Just like daddy. Ha ha!

Me: "Daddy is going to court today, then he's going to Jeff City."
Ry: "Daddy is going to court to watch the basketball game?"
Me: "No, not really. Daddy is going to court to do some work."
Ry: "Daddy is going to court to do teamwork."

When the neighbor's cat started following us into the garage:
"No no! We already have our own kitty."

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