Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Miracle Marathon

Now for a shameless plug for a good cause:
This month I am participating in the Miracle Marathon. It is a new fundraising event for the Children's Miracle Network - kind of like the March of Dimes. All the participants will be doing a marathon - one mile at a time. A traditional marathon is 26.2 miles and we'll go one more mile "for the kids!" That's 27.2 miles in 27 days. Today is day nine.

You don't have to run, or even walk. You can ride a bike or a scooter or rollerskate. No, driving a mile in your car doesn't count! Ha ha! I've mostly been walking.

I chose to support our local children's hospital, even though that is not where Ryleigh has received most of her medical care. We have gotten such wonderful care at Cardinal Glennon, but I wanted to pay it forward so that local families will benefit from this program. MU Children's Hospital plans to put all the funds raised through Miracle Marathon toward the renovation and expansion of the NICU. Having spent 32 long days in the NICU, we know how important this expansion is for the littlest patients and their families.

My goal is to personally raise at least $272. I hope our friends and family will support this cause. All the money I and my teammates raise stays right here for patients at MU Children's Hospital. Big thanks to mom and Kali who have already donated to my page!

Of course this post wouldn't be complete without a few photos:

A mile with my loves

A mile on my lunch break
(rockin' that sexy 'sneakers with a dress' look)

A mile with my kiddo on my back

So far, so good. I just gotta keep it up through the next few weeks. I hope it doesn't get too cold!


  1. What kind of baby carrier is that? An Ergo? And good luck!

    1. Yes, it is an Ergo, Crystal. We ended up getting it before our Florida vacation in the spring. I wish I'd gotten it a long time ago. Ryleigh says, "I want to go for a walk in the backpack."