Friday, September 20, 2013

Horseback Riding

Last week Ryleigh started therapeutic horseback riding. Let's just say it didn't go as expected. She had been crying for mommy all afternoon at school. (Heartbreaking for me to hear). When we got to the stable the fussing and tears continued - for most of the hour session. Once we got home I discovered that she had a mild fever and probably just wasn't feeling well.

Luckily last night was an entirely different story! I should say, she has been having a great week. She is loving the farm theme at school this week. She's been waking up in a good mood. Yesterday morning she even told me, "I'm having a 'yes' day!" AWESOME! So this made me even more excited for a great horseback riding session. She did not disappoint. When we arrived she was excited and ready to go. She put her helmet on and went right to the volunteers to get on her horse, Babe. It was also good that she got to ride the same horse she rode last week - we'd been practicing, "walk on, Babe!" and "Whoa, Babe!" all week.

As she passed me she would say, "Hi mommy! I'm riding a big horsey!" :-) She was chatting up the volunteers the whole time too. On one pass I heard her telling them, "it's not going to rain today." The girl has the gift of gab and already know how to make small talk. Ha ha!

Unfortunately, I forgot to grab my "real" camera and only had my phone. They're not the greatest, but I did manage to get a couple pics.

She did so great. She listened and participated. And she had a great time! I'm so proud of her!

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  1. That's great news. Happy to hear she's not afraid to ride anymore. Hope it stays that way.