Friday, December 23, 2011

What Blog?

Remember when I used to be a blogger? Well, it turns out I might not be all that good at it. English major married to a philosopher/lawyer means I get a little wordy. So, if I haven't had the time to write a dissertation on everything that has been going on, I haven't been writing at all. So I'm changing gears and my blogging philosophy. Update more often, and keep it brief. If you all want to know more you know my phone number or email address. Just ask me.

I also added a fancy little "follow by email" gadget over there in the corner. I know a couple people have asked if I could email them when I post updates. Now blogger will do it for me. You just have to add your email. I love technology...

So what have we been up to? Eh, not much...

Just buying a house.

Taking Ryleigh to see Santa.

We went to our local Bass Pro Shop to see Santa, because we had heard the lines were shorter and at the mall they don't let you take pics with your own camera...lame. I had never been to Bass Pro, and I was impressed. It's like a redneck wonderland! Freaking awesome! I have never seen so much camo in my life. But really, they have a pretty cool set up for Santa and all sorts of christmasy activities for kiddos. I had to add the official Bass Pro photo, so you all could see the set was complete with dead, stuffed reindeer. I told you it was awesome.
I love the look on Ryleigh's face, as if she's not all that impressed by the fat man.

And we've been getting ready for our new house.

Ryleigh's first ornament:

And another new ornament this year:

So there you have it a brief little update complete with photos. 
I guess it's worth mentioning that I went back to work at MAA the week of Thanksgiving. We were able to get Ryleigh into a daycare that comes highly recommended from a lot of people. So far so good there. It is hard leaving her in the care of others for most of the week. I do love those big smiles when I come to pick her up though. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. An update from the Rowe's. It IS a wonderful Christmas! :)